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    In today’s article, we spotlighted the hidden business initiative of the Indonesian government and Ministry of Cooperation known as business.ppkl

    To know exactly the role of the Indonesian government and its effect on the country-level business keep reading. Below you will find all the information related to Introduction is a popular platform in Indonesia monitored by the government. This platform helps small and large-scale businesses to reach their products to broader customers and achieve their goals more easily.

    The government feels the importance of launching a platform where citizens have the ability to use modern business strategies by taking advantage of digital marketing and e-commerce. It is not possible for every person especially small-scale businesses to benefit from digital marketing or create their own websites etc. in this case comes as a solution player that helps businesses sell and advertise their products through e-commerce. 

    Why join

    Are you from Indonesia and want to grow your company or start a new business, is the best option with you. If you’re still confused about joining this platform, just look at the following benefits.

    1. Enhance customers:

    As we discussed above work on the basic principles of digital marketing and e-commerce, so in return, you will experience new customers. Moreover, you will decode the behavior of your customers. All these strategies will allow you to align your business goal accordingly.

    • Emerge as a legal company: is supported by the Ministry of Cooperative, so it makes it easy for customers to buy products from your company without hesitation of fraud or scam. 

    • Cost-effective: 

    For Indonesian businesses is a cheap way of benefiting from advanced and modern business tools and resources. have various free and low-cost tools, especially for small-scale businesses. Features 

    Here are the demanding features provided by the to all the registered traders or businesses irrespective of their sizes. 

    1. Easy-to-use interface 

    The dashboard are user-friendly and fast-loading. Users can find all the tools on the platform that are crucial for their business growth.

    • Business Directory

    Start with this option which is totally in favor of your business goals and that is finding the right products or selecting the right supplier. This section provides a list of suppliers with complete details that you can match up with your business rules. 

    • News and updates

    This section provides recent and up-to-date information regarding businesses. All you have just to visit this section and be informed about what’s going on. Most of the news provided through this section is about regulations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

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    • E-commerce 

    The buying and selling of goods or services using the internet is called E-commerce. From the definition, you can guess how important this factor is in today’s business where almost everything can be sold or bought through the internet. encourage businesses to create their profile in e-commerce forums and connect customers in a new way. This will not only generate more sales but also enhance your brand’s visibility.


    This was all about, hope you found this content informative and engaging. 

    In summary, is an Indonesian-based platform to succeed in national-level businesses irrespective of their sizes. Both small and large-scale businesses or traders can take advantage of it.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Although I am not an Indonesian citizen, can I use platform for my business?

    The very first eligibility to use is that you should be a legal citizen of Indonesia. If this is not the case you may not be available to use this platform.

    • Why Ministry of Cooperative Support

    It is simple to understand that, the government of Indonesia supports its business sites and encourages them to enter their local offline business into e-commerce. This will help businesses to enhance their revenue and in return, Indonesia will experience a positive impact on the overall economy.

    • Is safe to use?

    Absolutely yes, as we discussed above this platform is supported by the Indonesian government. So it is a golden opportunity with Indonesian citizens to start with and boost their revenue accordingly. 

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