Perks of Using Crystal Chakra Wands

    Welcome to another web journal, we will talk about how to use crystal chakra wand to heal and chakra stones well and crystals but I made this piece which is a selenite wand using copper which is a conductor for energizing and boosting the energies that we’re using along with a lapis Merkabah and a rainbow aura crystal and these green small stones are multi bite so this is very high-powered.

    Today I’m going to tell you how to use wands in chakra clearing and you can use all the different kinds of ones and I’ll be demonstrating them to you with some basic wands. They have the chakra stones on them this one has a Merkabah which will activate and tear and upgrade your energy body and this one also has chakra stones you can use something like this is a heart and spirit quartz and I use this for all different kinds of things but definitely because it has a point it can also be used for clearing energy whether it’s people places plants animals situations any sort of things.

    You can use the crystal chakra wand it just depends on what your intention is and what you would like out of the session this is a want that I created I made this from all these pieces and it’s super powerful it’s made out of selenite it has multi bite which is a very high-powered Spacey energy it’s a meteorite I have all the chakra stones which all chakras are resonating with a different color and that color has a vibration energy I have a merkava at the end which is lapis lazuli and as I had said earlier the Merkabah will activate and upgrade your energy body and your physical body for that matter and at the end I have a beautiful rainbow aura quartz crystal.

    How to use crystal chakra wand?

    I’m actually doing this for the person who purchased these chakra stones that you can nourish crystals for each chakra and I’m going to be putting them on our client. The actual chakras are as well as they will be clearing her chakras and I will also be showing you how to use a pendulum to read energy.

    You should always make sure that you are allowing the energy to move and when you clear energy you know people get stock energy low energy from upsets trauma life related stuff health all kinds of different things. What you’re wanting to do is just to clear the energy so they’re in there pure energy clean without any issues weighing them down and when we use energy to clear we’re just getting the purest love energy from creator whoever you consider your highest power stuff for whoever is receiving the healing it’s the intention that whoever they believe is their highest power is just sending in pure love energy to them and through them it does not go through your body because then you are contaminating that energy and all you’re doing is directing those energies to the to the person laying down.

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